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SPIKE ISLAND AFTER DARK - Walk an abandoned prison - on sale

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SPIKE ISLAND CINEMA CLUB - Shawshank redemp, Conjuring 1 & 2

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Explore Fortress Spike


In the last 1300 years Spike Island has been host to a 6th century Monastery, a 24 acre Fortress, the largest convict depot in the world in Victorian times and centuries of island homes.  The island's rich history has included monks and monasteries, rioters and redcoats, captains and convicts and sinners and saints. 

Today the island is dominated by the 200 year old Fort Mitchel, the star shaped Fortress which became a prison holding over 2300 prisoners.  Take the scenic ferry ride from Kennedy Pier, Cobh, and enjoy a fully guided tour of our island and fortress, and relax in our cafe and picnic areas.  Get captured in the history and mystery of this magical heritage island.  WINNER of EUROPE'S LEADING TOURIST ATTRACTION 2017 at the WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS!  

Will you escape from Fortress Spike?

2018 Visitor Brochure

A short and scenic ferry ride from Cobh brings visitors to Spike Island and our storytellers will relay the history and mystery of the peoples and places that make Spike Island so special.

Children of all ages can explore and learn through our curriculum led, age appropriate school tours, starting with a short ferry ride that tells the story of Cobh and Cork harbour.

Walk an abandoned prison, sit in a solitary cell, experience a place of Punishment, once called
"Ireland's hell"

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The most dangerous prisoners were held in "hell on earth" conditions which shocked people of the time

The Fortress that became the worlds largest prison, star shaped Fort Mitchel has a long history.

Heroes and villians, sinners and saints, rioters and redcoats, Spike island has seen them all!

The 3 years Percey Fawcett spent on Spike Island were just part of a rich life lived with a real zest for exploration and achievement.

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Spike Island Master Plan
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